Orlando Poodle Club,Inc

Members of Orlando Poodle Club

devote their time to the breed.To have litters in

good health and keeping the Poodle Standard in mind.

Our members test the Sire and Dam for the Health issues  in our breed. To improve on the Sire and Dam to produce puppies that have few faults.To maintain optimun health.

They show their dogs in competition for titles in Confirmation, Rally, Obedience, Agility and Field & Hunt trials. 

Orlando Poodle Club members follow the code of ethics

To promote the interest in the Breed they Love.

 With the AKC standard in mind.

The Standard is set by the Poodle Club of America.


To maintain the high standard among our members and our devotion to

 Good Sportsmanship.

Many believe that these principles of sportsmanship are the prime reason why our

sport has thrived for over 100 years.


1) To abid by our By-laws set by Orlando Poodle Club, Poodle Club of America

and American Kennel Club


2) Conduct yourself in a mannerly way at our shows and whenever representing

our Breed.


3) That our breeding stock be registered with the American Kennel Club and do

all and any neccessary Health screening.


4) Members are to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness, care and health of their

Poodles/ pets in their care.


5) Be honest about your Poodle family.The training they have had, health records and possible

health issues.


6) Members are to maintain AKC registration records, health/ vet  records and pedigrees.


7) Breeding is done to improve our dogs.


8) Members are to do all the heritable defect screening before they breed. And have proof of the

screening before they sell their stock. For potential puppy buyers.

 9) To encourage new puppy owners to return for a grooming about a month after their purchase,

so the breeder can see how the puppy is doing.

The breeder can help the new owner better care for the puppy.


10) Share our experiences about our Poodles as to help others

with the care of their Poodles.


11) To encourage  attending AKC events and learn more about their breed.