Poodle Club, Inc.
Orlando, Florida

Health Testing in Poodles and Other Canines


Our members are committed to maintaining the health of our poodles through proper care and professional veterinary care. We also use genetic and health testing of our poodles in our efforts to eliminate health issues in future poodles. 

Below are important links for your information regarding recommended testing and results.

New information is added to these web-sites often and we hope you will research the

canine health issues of Poodles and other canines. This does not substitute for Professional

Veterinary care.

Links for Information

American Kennel Club 


AKC has a wealth of information on general canine health, genetics and has links to other sites of interest.

Poodle Club of America    


This web-site will have all the information about Health issues in Poodles including: Addisons, Basic Genetics,Cushings, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Eye Health, Vaccination information and more.


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals 



Poodle Health Registry 


The nonprofit PHR is a permaneent international open registry for all diseases affecting Poodles.


W. Jean Dodds DVM Santa Monica, CA 


Vaccination protocols.



Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) 


Dedicated to the elimination of hereditary eye disease.


Versatility In Poodles 


VIP is a non-profit organization devoted to Poodles.

Breeder Rescue Contact


Coastal Poodle Rescue

PO Box 7336

St Petersburg, FL 33734